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The Bureau of Military Information
Breaking Up a Confederate Spy Ring
Book Cover
a Novel by Harry A. Ezratty

It is April 1854. Noah de Leon Pardo, a Jewish Major in the Union Army, is assigned to the new Bureau of Military Information (BMI) in Baltimore. At the BMI, Pardo soon becomes aware of a daring plot: General Robert E. Lee’s army, aided by insurrectionists, will attack and capture the cities of Washington and Baltimore…and kidnap President Abraham Lincoln in the process. Based on historical events, The Bureau of Military Information is rich with descriptions of the period… as well as the desires of both North and South to end the conflict that is destroying families on both sides.

ISBN: 978-0-942929-42-3, 315 pages, Paperback

Flags of Convenience
When Convenience Can Mean Disaster
Book Cover
by Harry A. Ezratty

American ship-owners register their vessels in designated foreign countries as a convenient way to save operating costs. They can bypass American safety-at-sea laws, skimping on safety procedures for their crews, paying lower wages to seamen with meager qualifications, and neglecting basics of ship maintenance. This is the story of the disasters that can – and do – result from foreign flagging.

ISBN: 0-942929-38-1, 296 pages, Paperback

Puerto Rico, An Oral History 1898-2008
110 Years of Life on la isla
Book Cover

Publish date: February 2010

Interviews of more than 50 people conducted over a 25-year span tell you what it was like to live in Puerto Rico when the American and Spanish cultures first began to merge; and then how the present came to be as told by the individuals who were part of the change-making process.

ISBN 978-0-942929-31-7
450 pages, 150 photos. Hard cover with dust jacket. Integrated book mark.


The Great Chefs of BALTIMORE
Recipes from your favorite Maryland chefs
Book Cover

Fifty-five chefs at some of Baltimore's most popular restaurants present their favorite recipes for you to create at home ... from Chesapeake flavored crab cakes to bread pudding, hon! Also appetizers, soups, salads, meat, poultry, seafood, pasta, veggies and, of course, other divine desserts.

ISBN 0942929-23-3
Hardcover with dust jacket, full color throughout, table of contents, index and restaurant information.


Everywhere Coquis!
¡En dondequiera coquies!
Book Cover

Book Cover

by Nancy Hooper;
illus. Raymond Betancourt
Translated by Jacqueline Quiñones

This delightful and beautifully illustrated children's book follows a family of coquis as they move from the Rain Forest (El Yunque) through the villages, town and cities of the Island of Puerto Rico. In the course of their travels, they discover artisans, musicans and the wonderful food of the island.

The story also explores the explores the positive affects of getting to know and appreciate your neighbors. It is the perfect gift for children of any age.

ISBN 0-942929-14-4
48 pages, full color, hard cover


The Parrot Club/Club Cotorra
How Puerto Rico’s Parrots Lost Their Colors/ Cómo los cotorras de Puerto Rico perdieron sus colores
By Nancy Hooper
Illustrated by Raymond Betancourt
Translated by Jacqueline Quiñones

A bilingual children’s story about the green parrots of the island of Puerto Rico
ISBN 978-0-942929-27-0
English/Spanish flip book, hardcover, full color, 48 pages


Chefs of the Month
Celebrating the Seasons of Food at the San Juan Marriott
Book Cover
Enjoy a gastronomic journey in Chef of the Month: Celebrating the Seasons of Food, with the recipes of Puerto Rico's top executives! These food aficionados are all successful business leaders in Puerto Rico who have been invited by the San Juan Marriott to share their skills with clients and friends in a series of Chef of the Month dinners at Ristorante Tuscany. With their recipes, they guide us through the flavors and delicious variations of Northern Italian cuisine…with additional favorites that include Chinese Duck, German Goose and Sicilian Swordfish. This mosaic of appetizers, entrees and desserts, spiced with the personal touch of each guest chef, will enhance any occasion.
Disfrute de un viaje gastronómico en Chef of the Month: Celebrating the Seasons of Food, ¡con las recetas de los ejecutivos más destacados de Puerto Rico! Estos aficionados de comida son todos lideres empresariales en Puerto Rico e invitados de San Juan Marriott que comparten sus talentos con clientes y amigos en una serie de cenas de Chef of the Month en Ristorante Tuscany. Con sus recetas, ellos nos llevan por los sabores y las deliciosas variaciones de la cocina norte italiana... con favoritos que incluyen pato chino, ganso alemán y pez espada siciliano. Este mosaico de aperitivos, platos principales y postres, sazonados con el toque personal de cada chef invitado, complementará cualquier ocasión.
ISBN 0942929-19-5
100 Pages, full color, index



Masters in the Kitchens of Puerto Rico
Maestros en las cocinas de Puerto Rico
Book Cover

In Preparation.


What's Cooking/ Que se Cocina en Puerto Rico
Book Cover
A Spanish/English cookbook by the members and friends of Temple Beth Shalom in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Food categories include appetizers, soups, salads, breads, seafood, poultry, meat, pasta and vegetables; desserts and Jewish holidays.
ISBN: 0-942929-20-9
expanded edition, paperback, 280 pages, b/w photos, July 2003


500 Years in the Jewish Caribbean
The Spanish and Portuguese Jews in the West Indies
Book Cover
by Harry A. Ezratty
Vol I: The Jews in the New World series
The Dutch, British, Spanish, French, and Danish islands of the Caribbean are rich in Jewish history. This book tells their story from the time of the Spanish inquisition to the present era. In "500 Years in the Jewish Caribbean," you will discover that:
  • Alexander Hamilton, America's first Secretary of the Treasury, was born on the Caribbean island of Nevis. His curriculum, when he was studying at the island's Jewish School, included Hebrew.
  • In 1781, when British forces conquered the Dutch island of St. Eustatius, they singled out Jewish merchants for punishment because of their assistance to the American colonies during the Revolutionary War.
  • During World War II, Nazi sympathizers were put to work in Surinam by the Dutch government to restore the Caribbean's oldest Jewish cemeteries.
  • Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo donated over 50,000 acres of his own land to induce 10,000 Jewish refugees to settle in the Dominican Republic during World War II. He also issued an additional 4,000 exit visas.
  • Until 1840, the only ordained rabbis in the Western Hemisphere were those in the West Indies. . .
Revised & annotated edition,
November 2002
ISBN: 0-942929-18-7 , 212 pages
Hardcover with dust jacket


They Led The Way
The Creators of Jewish America
Book Cover

by Harry A. Ezratty
Vol II: The Jews in the New World series

Profiles of early Americans who were instrumental in shaping the United States as we know it today, with its guarantees of religious freedom and civil rights.

Read about Mordecai Sheftall; Haym Salomon; Thomas Kennedy; Uriah Phillips Levy; Solomon Nuñes Carvalho; Rebecca Gratz; Judah Touro; Ernestine L. Rose; Judah P. Benjamin, and more!




ISBN: 0-942929-15-2, 200 pages, B/W photos, paperback

The Builders
Jews and the Growth of America
Book Cover
295 pages with photos, index and bibliography. Hard-cover with dust jacket and integrated book mark.

The Builders is Volume III of author Harry A. Ezratty’s enthralling “Jews in the New World” series. It follows the groundbreaking careers of American Jews, pioneers in their respective industries: mining, science, entertainment, communication, retail, social action, railroading, and more. These men and women helped build America into a beacon for progress and freedom.

by Harry A. Ezratty
ISBN 978-0-942929-24-9
295 pages


Puerto Rico True Flavors (English edition)
Puerto Rico Sabor Criollo (Spanish edition)
Book Cover

By Chef Wilo Benet

Cook authentic Puerto Rican food, updated for the 21st century home cook, by San Juan’s award-winning chef and restaurateur Wilo Benet. Chef Benet provides traditional recipes for everything from Alcapurrias (stuffed yautía fritters) and Arañitas (Plantain Spiders), to Piñon (Ripe Plantain and Beef Lasagna) and Pernil (Roast Pork Butt). The “bible” of Puerto Rican cooking.

Paperback edition; English: 978-0-942929-35-5
Paperback edition; Spanish: 978-0-942929-34-8

Lavishly illustrated with many how-to-photos of techniques.
Table of Contents, index and glossary
Kids in the Kitchen
Niños en la cocina
Book Cover
Putting kids in the kitchen has many advantages. It gives youngsters the benefit of learning simple kitchen skills; it allows them the satisfaction of making delicious food; it gives parent and child an opportunity to spend quality time together while they're having fun in the kitchen. And, you'd be surprised at the number of successful professional chefs who got their start working alongside Mom and Dad or Grandma or Auntie in the kitchen of their childhood.
Poner los niños en la cocina tiene muchas ventajas. Brinda el beneficio a los niños de aprender desrezas sencillas de cocina, les da la satisfacción de hacer comidas deliciosas, da la oportunidad a los padres de compartir y divertirse con sus hijos en la cocina. Y se soprenderá de la cantidad de chefs profesionales que comenzaron a trabajar juntos a su papá y mamá o su abuela or su tía, en la cocina de su niñez.
ISBN: 0-942929-13-6, 172 pages, B/W illustrations

ABC For Children
ABC para niños
Book Cover
A coloring book for children which contains full-page illustrations to color for each letter of the alphabet with identification in both Spanish and English.
(A=Avion/Airplane; B=Barco/Boat, C=Castillo/Castle)

ISBN: 978-0-942929-30-0, 32 pages, B/W illustrations
Available Summer 2010

How to Collect and Protect Works of Art
An Art Collector's Primer
Book Cover
by Harry A. Ezratty
A valuable guide to the beginning art collector, this book opens the door to the world of art and art collecting in an easy, enjoyable, and entertaining way. The reader learns what types of art are available, how to choose what he likes best, how to buy it for the best price, and how to take care of it once it's at home.

ISBN: 0-942929-02-0, LCCN#88-090626, 110 pages plus bibliography / color plates and B/W illustrations

Songs and Their Stories
By Marcus Dagan
The heart-felt lyrics to music written by songwriter and singer Marcus Dagan, who performs in cities from New York to Baltimore to Bermuda, Paris and Amsterdam… and on cruise ships in between… are all here, as are the stories of how they came to be written. During this journey, you’ll meet the inspirations, the friends, the women and the recording artists he met along the way.

ISBN: 987-0-942929-32-4
208 pages, softcover

Audio CD also available: $17.95